About SnowBugs Child Care & Nanny Service

We try to create a familiar atmosphere from the beginning, so you feel comfortable spending your day on the slopes.

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What happens on the first morning we have booked with you?

Your SnowBugs nanny will meet you at your holiday home at the agreed time. This should be early enough for you to get to Ski School in time, or to make it for first lifts.

You and your nanny will have a chat about the needs and routines of your child. Upon booking you will receive a couple of forms to fill in, to ensure we have all the information we need. Please have these ready for your nanny.

Once familiar with everything, your nanny will talk you through what is planned for the day.

Once the adults have gone through everything, your nanny will give all her attention to the little one, so you can set off into your day of pleasure.


How might you spend the day with my child?

Depending on the age of your child we will work out several activities for our day together.

A typical day with your SnowBugs nanny could be like this:

Your Nanny and your little one will spend a little while getting to know each other in your holiday home: playing games, or simply being shown all the toys…(it is always so exciting to meet new friends). Soon the little ones adjust to Mum and Dad being away, and when your nanny feels them being comfortable with her, they can set out on a little adventure. Wrapping up in suitable clothes for the cold weather can be an adventure in itself. It is important though as we are going to be sliding along on bum boards, building snowmen, simply enjoying the fun white world of snow. With all this excitement lunch time will come along quickly. The afternoon depends on how energetic your child is: more playing outside or enjoying quiet times with toys and music which we will bring along. There is a strict no TV policy (unless you wish otherwise), this way you get to keep the TV as a special treat. By the time you get back from your day on the slopes you shall find your little one happy and relaxed telling you all about his or her adventurous day.

To keep it exciting we will plan special events, such as going up in the bubble lift or a kids hot chocolate on one of the famously sunny terraces.

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