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When going on holiday with your little ones, there are some tough choices to be made…

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Which toys shall we take? Do we need our pushchair? Is our pushchair going to be easy to use in the snow? Will there be a baby bath in the child friendly chalet?

The list is long. Baggage allowance makes it more complicated & there is a much simpler solution:

Holiday baby hire offers a range of products for hire. Everything will be delivered to your chalet or apartment before your arrival & picked up again at the end of your stay.

The baby hire products include anything from baby monitors to sterilisers & stair gates to pushchairs

You can even order "The Basic Essentials", including, nappies, wipes & nappy sacs for 18€. This could be the end of having to stack nappies neatly between your thermals and the frantic search for more which could be hiding under the socks or were they in junior's suitcase? I have come across it all & buying an emergency pack of nappies in resort can easily cost you more than that.

Anna from holiday baby hire is a mum of three, living in the alps, so she fully understands your needs!

Our nannies come equipped with a selection of toys, books, etc. but we do take our nanny bags home with us each day. That way the toys will stay interesting & your little ones will look forward to us returning with our fun packs each day! I always recommend bringing along the favourites.

For 10€ you can hire a selection of toys and books for the week, it might just be the little things that make a big difference.

Please see the holiday baby hire website here.

ski resort child care




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