Family ski holiday top tips

I am sure you all know it already, but I always like to give a few pointers in regards to the children's clothing & what to bring with you:

kids in snow

Waterproof and warm is the theme!

The average temperature from December to February is -3 degrees Celsius, add a little snow & wind and it feels even colder than that.

The key here is layers, make sure you have plenty of layers for your kids (and yourself) to wear. Temperatures can vary massively from hot sunny slopes to freezing cold chair lifts with wind and snow.

The top 10 items that your child should have:

  • Snow boots - no wellies please! those little tootsies freeze in them
  • Snow suit - preferably water proof
  • Gloves - Very useful to have an extra pair of dry gloves for after ski school
  • Hats
  • Sscarves
  • Thermal underwear & ski socks - need to fit well, as crunched up socks & thermals will hurt in ski boots
  • Sun cream - even on cloudy days children's skin can get burned; Your nanny will apply sun cream every time your child goes out!
  • Lip balm - the  mountain air is so dry that the sensitive skin of a child (and most adults) dries out extremely quickly,  check the lip balm has sun protection
  • Goggles or sunglasses to protect those precious little eyes from dangerous rays
  • Helmets - are compulsory with most ski schools, we also insist on using a helmet for any sledging or bum boarding adventures

Come prepared:

Putting aside the unusual outdoor gear we all need in the alps, there's a few other things you might like to plan. The small shops in resorts can offer little choice & big prices, so make sure you are prepared:

  • Your baby's formula milk - certain brands may not be available, changing the formula at the same time as the water, can cause upset tummies
  • Water - the quality of water is very different to the water in the UK, often little ones get upset tummies if their formula is not mixed with bottled water
  • Nappies - I have paid extortionate prices for a small packet of branded nappies before, your preferred type / size may be difficult to get hold of
  • Swimming nappies - I yet have to find anywhere in the resorts that sells them
  • Healthy snacks / baby food - i recommend to bring your child's favourite little snack. Tastes may vary and your little one might decide to go hungry instead of enjoying french cuisine
  • Bring your child's favourite toys! A favourite book or toy can save any day!

Baby equipment hire

Finally we would like to point out that many items can be hired or organised locally. Bringing pushchairs, cots or toys can be tricky with limited baggage on flights. Try our friends at holiday baby hire who are currently setting up for another winter season in Courchevel & Meribel. Read more about equipment hire.

Everybody, meet Georgia and Jamie!

We had the pleasure to look after them in 2011 and Georgia is giving some quality advice on snow clothes:

Thanks to Georgia, Jamie & their parents for letting us use this great footage.

Here's an short clip of three little SnowBugs bum boarding.

Parents are often surprised that their kids should wear a helmet to go sledging.

These young ladies aren't going too  fast this time, but you would be amazed at the speed some of those little daredevils can pick up. Wearing a helmet is an absolute necessity to ensure everyone is safe!


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