Introducing your SnowBugs Nanny, Alice…


Alice first joined the SnowBugs Nannies team in January of the 2016-17 winter season to cover our busiest period, and we are delighted to welcome her back for winter 2017-18. Alice met over 40 children aged between 3 months and teenage years on her first winter with SnowBugs and can’t wait to get started this year to meet lots more lovely families and their children. For her second year she will again be covering the whole Courchevel Valley, including La Tania.

There is a certain type of person we look for at SnowBugs; aside from all the normal things like first-aid and experience we look for someone who is fun, active, adventurous but also sensible, responsible and caring. Someone who understands the ethos of SnowBugs with their caring ways, professional manner and genuine love for helping our customers and helping make every little ones’ holiday unforgettable. It’s not something you can teach, and I knew when I spoke with Alice for the first time that she just had it….

Alice Says:

“Hi, I’m Alice! This will be my 2nd winter season as a SnowBugs Nanny and I’m so excited to be returning to the mountains! I’m from the Midlands in the UK but I love to travel, discover new places and make memories that will last forever. I love to keep myself active, and to pair this with my love of being outdoors where I can; I enjoy biking, waking, skiing and running. But I also enjoy learning new skills and meeting new people which being a SnowBugs Nanny is great for!

My love for working with children started when I was a Private Nanny in Australia for a beautiful family who had four children who were 10, 8, 2 and new born. I spent my days caring for the eldest three as Mum took care of her new-born baby boy. Most days would be spent with the 2 year old girl whilst the others went to school and we would have loads of fun in the sun; playing in the pool and going on an adventure to the park or the beach were our favourite things to do!

For the past 2 summers I have worked in a summer camp in New York, USA working as a Camp Counsellor. As a Leader, I would care for campers from the ages of 6 – 16 with my primary responsibility being the overall supervision of the groups. As a Counsellor, I lived with camper’s 24/7 ensuring their safety and guiding them day to day. During my whole time with the camp I ensured campers’ well-being and made their experience as fun and rewarding as possible – that’s what it was all about!

I have also worked in an Outdoor Activity Centre in the UK instructing archery, mountain biking, climbing, hiking and teaching general survival skills. During my year there I worked with 6000 young people but I specialised in working with children from the ages of 5 - 12. I had a great time and it was here that I really found my love for the outdoors and really enjoyed being able to team that with working with children.

I returned from Ireland in November 2017 where I was a Nanny for a family of 3 lovely children aged 6, 8 and 10, following the winter season in Courchevel and La Tania. I would take them to and from school and plan loads of fun activities for the afternoons (once all homework was completed!). I had such a great time with the children and loved spending my days looking after them!

When I’m not away working or travelling I love to spend time with my family and friends; most of the time you will find me with either of my God Children. My Godson, Gerard, is 5 now and my God Daughter, Lily, is 2. I feel so lucky to be such a big part of their lives and am loving watching them grow up.

I love working with children and feel a sense of care for them instantly. I find it very exciting to provide different activities and give children a chance to explore new things and have new, fun experiences. This makes being a SnowBugs Nanny the ideal job for me and I can’t wait to return this winter!

Alice loves:

  • •Spending time with her God Children
  • The outdoors
  • Travelling and discovering
  • Watching films
  • Being active

Like all SnowBugs Nannies Alice holds an up to date Paediatric First-Aid certificate, a recent police check, insurance and is fully reference checked.

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