Introducing your SnowBugs Nanny, Laura…


It is with pleasure that we welcome Laura back to the SnowBugs team for the second time this winter. You will find her working with families in La Tania and the Courchevel valley, but occasionally you might spot her helping-out in Meribel too!

Laura is so full of life and gives you a feeling of happiness when you are around her. Not only is she fun, creative and ready for adventure, Laura is seriously passionate about working with children. When Laura told me that she would be returning this year I couldn’t have been happier. She proved herself to be outstanding last year. Laura can’t wait to enjoy a second winter in the Alps whilst progressing within childcare, making SnowBugs her ideal job here in the mountains once again.

Laura Says:

“Hello! My name is Laura, and I was born and bred in the sunny city of Perpignan, in the South of France. When I obtained my Masters in Sociology, I realised that I wanted to go abroad and experience a new life; I had been working in a holiday resort for six years while I was studying Sociology at University and really enjoyed the interaction with the children and families there so I decided to move to Northern Ireland for a year to be an outdoor instructor…

I was a total stranger to this industry before, I was a terrible paddler, a clumsy climber, and a blind archer, but l guess a miracle happened! I got out of my comfort zone and became very confident in the job quickly. Most importantly though I loved it. I was taking care of groups of children from 4 years old most of the time, but I also had quite a lot of teenagers and adults as well.

When my contract was over, I was so upset that I wanted to start a similar experience straight away, in England this time. I spent six months in the beautiful Lake District and this second experience confirmed for me that I need to work outside, with children of all ages. I love working and spending time with them and I always end heart-broken when it is time to say goodbye! That is the tricky part of the job… Children are fascinating and spontaneous, and I cannot imagine now having a job with no contact with them at all.

I originally started working with children in 2011, because I was (and still am) part of a company who provide children’s shows. In those shows, I always play funny characters. For example, in The Wizard of Oz, I am playing the Scarecrow; un-coordinated and hilarious! But I have also been a Dwarf, Pikachu and Buzz Lightyear...! I am very flexible with the characters I am playing! I just love acting and being creative.

Also, I have three lovely nieces, aged 1 and a half, 7 and 10 years, and a new born God child! I watched and cared for them growing up step by step and I am very close with them - they are not very happy to see me leaving my hometown again this winter to work in the Three Valleys!

I would say I am an energetic and enthusiastic person. I am looking forward to teaching some French to the children I will work with. Also, I love to dance! Dance has a big impact in my life, I do not walk, I dance, or at least, I walk on an imaginary rhythm. If your children like to sing, dance, act, the outdoors, creating and laughing all the time, then I am sure we will have a great time together!

This season 2017-2018 is now going to be my second season in the 3 Valleys. Last year, Nannying for SnowBugs brought me so much that I could not imagine not coming back. The families I met last season were outstanding and the children were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many families with different stories - after a summer in the South of England as an activity instructor, I cannot wait to see the families I met last year again, but also I am really excited to meet new children and breathe the pure air of the mountains one more time. I just love to work with younger kids and babies just as much as older children and SnowBugs allows me to spend time with every age, and such a wide variety of families! Perfect!

See you very soon in the Alps!”

Laura loves:

  • Dancing
  • Acting
  • Reading
  • Travelling
  • Writing
  • Laughing

Like all SnowBugs Nannies Laura holds an up to date Paediatric First-Aid certificate, a recent police check, insurance and is fully reference checked.

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